MyFinePix Studio

FujiFilm (Freeware)

MyFinePix Studio is image-viewer software especially developed and released by Fujifilm as companion software for their digital cameras. Users can easily view and print their mages, and upload them on social networks. Searching images via geo-tags is also supported. 3D images taken by 3D-supported cameras may also be edited using MyFinePix Studio.

MyFinePix Studio main interface shows three options upon program start—Import, Print, and View Images. Import supports numerous external devices including camera, external drive, or mobile device. View option opens up three types of Directory Displays: My Computer, My Pictures, and Library. Images may be viewed as size-adjustable thumbnails. Images may also be viewed as 2D images or 3D Horizontal or 3D Vertical.  

MyFinePix Studio features a SmartSearch Dialogue, which allows users to search and find images through tags and keywords. Default tags include Persons, Occasions, and Places. Star ratings are also supported. MyFinePix Studio also supports easy uploading to popular social media networks particularly, YouTube and Facebook. This software also features Photobook Assist, which allows users to create a virtual photobook.

MyFinePix Studio also feature simple image editing options like auto-contrast, cropping, red-eye removal, image rotations, and artistic effects. Editing effects included are negative, sepia, watercolor and oil paint. This software also supports images taken by GPS-capable cameras. Images can be viewed according to location and date using Map Viewer. 3D image viewing and 3D image editing is also supported by this program.