MyColors 2.70.500.15052

Stardock Corporation (Freeware)

MyColors is Stardock Corporation’s Windows desktop customization tool released in March 2012. This desktop utility allows users to customize their desktop appearance and apply pre-determined themes. Prepared themes are available for free, however, Stardock MyColors also offers Premium Themes which are more complicated than the usual theme configurations. Some Premium themes are Magic, Winter Wonderland, Dragon, and Ironworks. Themes configurations may include customization widgets for different user settings like temperature, weather, and time, among others.

MyColors features a tabbed user interface called the Theme Manager. There are five tabs—Themes, Applications, My Desktop, Settings, and About. In the Themes tab, users may choose a MyColors theme among those installed. Once selected, the preview pane to the right of the sidebar menu shows the effect of the selected theme to the user’s desktop. Users are also allowed to download and add new themes to this tab, as well as delete a theme. The available themes are shown at the bottom as thumbnails to show the tentative effect . To apply the selected theme, click the Apply Selected Theme link at the bottom of the sidebar. There is also a clickable Theme Options link that shows the Theme info, and other theme commands like Delete theme, Open Folder, and Add New theme. The Themes tab also features an alternate Grid View which shows the available themes in thumbnails.