MyCloudNAS Connect

QNAP (Shareware)

MyCloudNAS Connect is a cloud service for NAS user with simple, easy to use configuration. This service is provided by QNAP. The main objective of MyCloudNAS Connect developers is to provide users with the means to access and publish QNAP NAS services. This utility allows provides easy access to QNAP NAS apps on the Internet.

MyCloudNAS Connect is easy to use. The first step required for implementation is to register a unique MyCloudNAS name. Once successfully accomplished, access is given through a dedicated URL. The wizard connects the user easily without the need for remembering long IP addresses and URL names. The user may also share and manage their NAS from any location at any time of the day. This service provides a personal cloud set up, which may be configured to increase security and has ample protection from hacking and unauthorized access.

MyCloudNAS Connect is a convenient utility to use because it does not necessitate any DDNS service. The tedious task of registering to such service is unnecessary. With MyCloudNAS Connect by QNAP, frequent computer users do not need to carry around portable storage devices. It also frees computer users from worry about whether they have brought the right documents to an important meeting since files can readily be accessed from cloud storage. Data may also be accessed via mobile phone.