My1TV Player

Artistic Internet Television Systems (Shareware)

My1TV Player is a shareware video outlet that users of the Internet and mobile platforms can make use of. This streaming program is not just easy to use, but it is also very accessible and can be downloaded in no time at all. This multimedia player is a popular utility for people who require a tool that has expanded capabilities.

My1TV Player was developed by MYTECS as a response to the public demand for more holistic multimedia players with streaming capabilities. This utility has become famous amongst users because of the many opportunities for expansion as well as the chances given to users to link online.

This program has the following desirable features for those looking for a promotional platform for their products and services:
• Technical support available upon broadcast
• Programming that is brand-specific and customizable
• HD video archiving
• Pay per view solutions

My1TV Player can be a powerful outlet in getting the message out for any product or service through the Internet and via mobile platforms. MY 1 TV also has its Internet radio channel. This channel features DJ demos, mixes, as well as entertaining podcasts. There is also an audio only stream called the Lynx channel. This particular offer was created for the optimal use of mobile devices.