My PowerDesk

Avanquest Software (Shareware)

My PowerDesk is a utility that can be used as a file manager with multiple functionalities. It can associate archive types of zip archives, replace Microsoft Explorer, and add a shortcut to Quick Launch Bar for convenient access. This tool is easy to use and works fast enough for those who require speed.

This professional level program may be used to organize web images, photographs, text files, MP3s, etc. Compared with the standard file manager from Windows, this utility has greater capabilities. Despite its many features it is user friendly and is equipped with drag-and-drop function.

My PowerDesk does not discriminate when it comes to file types. This program is capable of organizing files into whatever form of layout the user prefers. It can also copy, sort, move, zip, view, search, convert, label, prioritize and search these files. This program can also synchronize and compare a couple of file folders. Its archive manager is capable of expanding and compressing files. This computer program works well with more than 30 compression formats.

My PowerDesk is a full featured file manager for PC that also presents users with information on how each of the drives is being utilized in terms of space availability. This is a core element of its managerial function. My PowerDesk may be used by any computer user without experience in advanced personal computing.