My Notes Keeper 2.8.1 Build 1451 (Shareware)

Users can keep their notes stored, organized, and accessible with one application: My Notes Keeper. This is a notes or outliner application that looks like a word processor with additional functions. Notes and information that are usually misplaced may be organized. Items such as to-do lists, address books, passwords, customer data, and other documents can be assembled in one area with one application.

The program has a word-processing module that appears onscreen with test-editing and saving icons. At the left side of the screen is a file tree that allows users to enter, save, and open any kind of data. There are various tabs for specific categories of data, like contact information and to-do lists. Because the word-processing component houses the file tree of data, users no longer have to use Windows Explorer to access the data they need. The software can contain and classify information that in modules such as Customer Data Management, Address Book, Phone Book, Photo Album, Diary Keeper, Notes Manager, URL Organizer, and the like.

My Notes Keeper can be an all-in-one data storage and retrieval system that achieves the following tasks:

• Make a personally designed information database
• Organize large volumes of notes and documents
• Manage bits of data and information according to user preference
• Write documents in an outline that is more organized and efficient than other word processing programs