My Movie Library

Moba Software (Freeware)

My Movie Library is a file management application that allows users to sort, organize, and store them in one database. Developed by the company Moba Software, the main purpose of the program is for users to access their movie files easily through a simple organizational scheme. All the user needs to do is go to the database, look for the movie file, and launch it on any movie player the user chooses. In addition, the program gets various bits of information from the online film database, IMDb like the summary, cast, and cover art. Users can search movie titles in real-time and use filters based on their name, genre, director, or genre.

This program features a simple and easy-to-use interface that both first-time and experienced users can navigate without difficulty. The buttons at the top menu enable users to add or import files into My Movie Library, as well as back up the database. The center of the screen contains the list of movies that the database contains. The list is divided into several columns that show important information about the films like the year they were made and their rating. The Settings button lets the user change the program’s skin, rearrange the buttons’ arrangement, and choose the backup folder among others.