My Medications List 6.0.1

JCMatt software (Freeware)

My Medications List is a program that helps users keep track of the medications they have to take. It also provides users with the ability to compute the costs of their medications on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis. Users can also add important notes for each item, such as reminders to take a certain medication with food, or to refrain from consuming alcohol during a particular medication period. It also provides users with a space in which to write down the contact information of doctors who prescribed the medicines and the pharmacies from where the medications may be purchased.

This application comes with features that allow users to make refill requests for pharmacies and prescription renewal requests to send or give to their doctors. Users can also print out the list of the medications they are taking so they can easily show it to other doctors, including dentists, who may want to know the current medications users are taking or their medication history before being prescribed a new one.

My Medications List enables users to make entries specifying the dosage, frequency, and the cost of each medication. In addition, users can look up the information on a particular medication through a search feature, which opens a browser window to obtain information online. A connection to the Internet is required to use this feature.