My Life Organized 4.1.1 (Shareware)

MyLifeOrganized is an application for managing tasks and schedules. The program’s main window is divided into two tabs – Outline and ToDo. On the Outline menu, users can see a list of tasks and subtasks that must be completed. For every task, users can set the importance level by moving the slider on the right part of the screen. Notes can also be added on each task. Under the ToDo tab, users can see a list of all the tasks that must be completed. Check boxes are provided beside each task, so users can tick the task once it has been done. When creating an item, a deadline can be set. Overdue tasks have a red mark with the word “overdue”.

The user’s tasks can be categorized as well. Some of the categories in the program include project, general, timing and reminder, and review. Important tasks can be starred. All the important tasks are placed in the Starred category that can be seen on the left side of the window.

Other features of the program are:

• easy to use for novice computer users
• has a variety of features for managing tasks
• displays tasks in an organized manner

The program is portable and can be saved in a USB drive, so users can access the program on a different computer.