My Horse and Me 2

tate interactive (Shareware)

My Horse and Me 2 is a game that gives players the experience the equestrian lifestyle, including taking care of and bonding with horses, and managing them in equestrian sports events. It is the only game that has been licensed by the Fédération Equestre Internationale, the international federation of equestrians and foremost authority on horse sports. It is available for a variety of platforms and gaming consoles, including Windows PC, Wii, PlayStation2, Nintendo DS, and Xbox.

One of the activities players do in the game is horse grooming. Players first choose the kind of horse they want. Players then care for their horses by feeding and cleaning them, and by taking them to the veterinarian for regular check-ups to make sure they are healthy. Players can also train their horses for competitions in dressage, jumping, and cross country, and take part in official Eventing competitions.
Players will get to meet in-game characters who will guide them through winning the competitions that are held in different locations around the world. The game provides players with customization options so they can select the riding equipment and accessories they want. There are also mini games that can be played in addition to the complete competition mode. A multiplayer mode allows players to participate in competitions with their friends.