My Farm Life 2 1.0

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

My Farm Life 2 is a farming-themed time management game developed by the company, Alawar Entertainment. The player assumes the role of Lisa, a young lady who runs an organic garden on the rooftop of a building. Lisa is originally a reality series host, whose TV show is in danger of cancellation. In an attempt to save the show, a grocery store owner named Carlos strikes a deal with Lisa – he provides financial support to the show in exchange for Lisa’s organic goods. The game features 50 episodes, which are set in three game modes: casual, expert, and relaxed. At the beginning, the player is given access only to the casual mode, but the other two modes can be unlocked without much difficulty. In addition, the player can also earn as many 38 trophies.

This game includes various tasks such as planting, watering, and harvesting crops, taking care of animals, and purchasing machines that will produce by-products. Some of the products than can be made from the raw materials include cheese, jam, and other fruit preserves. As the game progresses and the player moves on to higher levels, new equipment and upgrades are unlocked. The player has to complete each level by fulfilling orders and filling up Carlos’ crates with various organic crops.