My Exotik Farm 1.0

BiP media (Freeware)

My Exotik Farm is a farm simulation game of the time management genre. The game is developed by BiP media and released in 2010. The player acts as Jill, a young girl with dreams of owning and managing her own farm. The player starts off with an empty field, a few animals, and some money. The goal of the game is to use the resources to cultivate the farm and raise livestock for profit to be able to buy more supplies and stock. The player is given a pet parrot at the start of the game. To raise money, the player should feed the parrot some seeds. The more seeds it is given, the more feathers it drops. The feathers can then be brought to the Shopkeeper who pays for them. The money raised from the sale of the feathers can now be used to buy animals for the farm. The player should take care to always feed the parrot, or else it will leave the farm and look for another master.

My Exotik Farm also features some unlockable items. These include a guard dog, a 4x4 that can be used to transport the animals to the Farmers’ market, and a green macaw as the companion of the parrot. This game features six kinds of animals that can be raised.  The player must make sure to take care of the livestock, or else they may succumb to disease or hunger from lack of food.