My Autoplay Pro 10.1

Arafasoft (Shareware)

My Autoplay Pro is an application that allows users to create menus that automatically run. This can be used for presentations, demonstrations, multimedia files, and promotional discs. Users do not need to have programming experience in order to use this application. The program is easy to use, as there are already templates built in to the application. These templates have different themes, such as photo album, slideshow, business cards, PDF document, and many others. Users also have the option to create a menu from scratch.

On the main interface, users can start creating the menu on the work area. The menu can include different objects, text, and graphics that the user wants. Properties and settings for these can be found on the left, right, and upper portion of the main window. With these tools and settings, users can change the appearance and behavior of the menu according to their preferences. Other key features of the My Autoplay Pro application are as follows:

• Support for creating menus that are interactive
• WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, which is ideal for beginners
• Comes with more than 20 templates
• Menu protection for preventing other users from making changes
• Support for adding background music