Zultys, Inc. (Shareware)

MXIE User is one tool that is intended to assist users in controlling all their communications. MXIE stands for “Media Exchange Interface for End Users.” It is a versatile utility developed by Zultys, Inc. and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. MXIE User is a desktop client that is independent of the OS of the computer system. It may be used on Android devices, the iPhone, and BlackBerry phones as well.

There are many functions tied to this utility. It may be used to make video calls in high definition, monitor and control calls using a softphone or a desktop phone, and receive and send fax messages. This utility is also useful in facilitating sending of emails, voice messages, and instant messages (IM). With just one click, this application may also be used in facilitating a web conference.

MXIE User by Zultys, Inc. is also capable of tailoring communications settings between co-workers providing them with a fully integrated experience. It is a utility that can help those who work together communicate more efficiently. It is also effective in providing the individual user with greater flexibility in terms of communicating with other workers in the company using devices such as a smartphone, home phone, or desktop.