MWSnap 3

Mirek Wojtowicz (Freeware)

MWSnap 3 is an application for capturing images from the desktop. The captured image can be saved as TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG, or BMP. The program offers five different snap modes. These five snapping modes are:
• Whole Desktop – takes a screen shot of the entire desktop
• Highlighted – takes a screen shot of a highlighted or selected window
• Menu – takes a screen shot of a menu on the screen
• Fixed – takes a screen shot of a fixed area on the screen
• Free – takes a screen shot of a free rectangular part of the screen

MWSnap 3 also offers graphical tools for changing the options for a captured image. It has a ruler, a color picker, window spy, and a zoom tool. Aside from taking shots of the desktop, the program can also be used as an image converter or a photo viewer.

The program’s main window consists of the all the buttons and tools that can be used to make changes to the captured image. It has an easy to use interface that beginners can use. Users can also set hotkeys for image capturing.

The application does not need to be installed in the computer for it to be used.