MV RegClean 6.0 5.9

Marcos Velasco Security (Freeware)

MV RegClean is a registry cleaner program developed by Marcos Velasco Security. It is meant for maintaining Windows registry.  It works by scanning the Windows registry then verifying the entries. If the program detects invalid entries (for files or folders that no longer exists), it will provide an option on what to do with the entries (whether delete it or not). The program also provides details on the number of values or keys checked as well as the issues found.

Users can also get more information about the entries that are detected as problems. The program can tell whether the file/folders still exist or not. It can also tell if the key is no longer needed. Obtaining other information such as value type, registry key and name is possible as well. The program also provides an option to open the Registry Editor in the currently chosen key. This allows users to delete, rename or modify the selected keys.

Before performing a scan and making changes to the registry, MV RegClean automatically creates a restore point. This can be use to restore any changes made using the application and bring it back to its previous state. By default, the program will not overwrite the last created backup. Instead, it will keep all the backup files. Other available options provided by this application include adding entries to be skipped during scan, disabling the creation of restore point and more.