MV Internet Optimizer 1.0

MV Internet Optimizer (Shareware)

MV Internet Optimizer 1.0 is an advanced software for improving the download and upload speed of the Windows application. It gives a fast browsing and speed up file transfers. If the Internet connection slows down, there are some factors that affect its speed and need to be optimized to perform better. These factors include malware infections, toolbar applications, browser extensions, and Internet temporary files.

• Malware – This a kind of malicious software that accesses the Internet without the knowledge of the user. Spyware and malware must be removed completely from the computer system immediately.
• Toolbars application – User must pick the useful toolbars to be saved in specific browsers such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.
• Brower Extension – It is also a kind of toolbar that is kept in the browser setting and updates automatically. The user must disable third party add-ons by opening a specific browser and click on tools then click manage add-ons
• Internet temporary files – Every time a user download a file will lead into temporary files along the computer such web cache contents.

MV Internet Optimizer 1.0 is a built in utility that is capable of cleaning all the browsers cache, toolbar application, malware and spyware deletion and empty temporary files. The Internet Optimizer enhances the potential capability of the browser by deleting or removing unwanted applications which would be a reason in slowing down the Internet speed.