MuxMan 0.16.8

STN Software (Freeware)

MuxMan is a DVD Multiplexer tool developed by STN Software and released on February 2013. It is a DVD authoring tool that offers an internal high-resolution blend and resize engine with support for 64K subpixels. MuxMan also features gamma-correct blending, color manipulation, alpha channel processing, and rotation capability by arbitrary angle. MuxMan has a Compositor tool that enables users to resize video images and video stills. This feature also allows users to add text, lines, geometric shapes, and even gradients to video stills. This DVD multiplexer also comes with a visual editor that enables users to set color palettes, configure subpicture conversion rules, and execute cropping and positioning functions.

The MuxMan graphical user interface sports a grey and blue Windows-based theme. The Transition Assistant dialog box enumerates different transition styles like Cut, Dissolve, Wipe, Squeeze, and Slide. These transition styles can be made to conform to certain iris/clock patterns including heart and keyhole shapes, among others. Muxman’s Text Entry dialog box offers customization options for font size, style, and color of the text input. The Element Selector menu allows users to add or superimpose graphical elements including shapes and lines into the demux-ed video. The MuxMan Settings tab enables users to configure settings for Project Name, Provider ID, Region mask, Volume, Number of Sides, Side Number, and Transfer Function defaults.