muvee Reveal X

muvee Technologies Pte Ltd (Shareware)

Muvee Reveal X is an editing suite that eliminates the need for manual video editing for home-movie creation. It does this by providing a number of pre-set styles that integrate music, transitions, and various special effects into video clips made by the user. Users can then share these videos on Facebook, YouTube, or the manufacturer’s Muvee Cloud. There are also other customization options available for specialized output. The program was developed towards ease of use, which can be seen in the steps it takes to create a video.

When the program is launched, the interface will pop up and show three blocks, which allow the user to add videos and photos, pick a style among those offered, and view the output, respectively. The first drop-down will allow the user to take a video file from a computer or portable device, the Muvee storage service, and other sources. The second drop-down shows styles such as Kinetic, Strips, and Lifebook. Music, pacing, colors, and other factors may also be tweaked. The “Personalize” button provides access to more advanced options such as those involving credits and titles, as well as clips or scenes to highlight. The output file formats include .wmv, .avi, .mov, and a few other file formats.