Muvee Reveal

muvee Technologies Pte Ltd (Proprietary)

Muvee Reveal is an application that allows users to make movies without prior experience on any movie-editing software. The user will need to select the photos and videos they want to compile then add captions, transition effects, background music, voiceover, and other effects. Its main strength is its simplicity, as it only requires three steps to come up with the video. The first step is adding the photos and videos, which will be included. The second step involves choosing the style to choose, while the last step allows the user to add background music.

Muvee Reveal has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. To support the three-step process for video editing, the software’s interface has four main sections. The first section, which is on the top portion, is used to add photos. The second found on the left side is used to add style. The third, also on the left side, is used to add music and the last one, on the right side, is used to view the movie. The software allows the user to upload media in any file format and will automatically cut the photo length and music to fit the movie. Once the movie is done and has been previewed, it can be transferred to mobile devices, shared by burning to a disk, sent to friends via email, or shared to colleagues via social networking sites.