MusicStation (h)

Omnifone Ltd (Freeware)

Omnifone MusicStation is a cloud-based music service platform that was released in June 2007. This program provides users with unlimited music services for different devices. Omnifone MusicStation supports unlimited music and video download and streaming for platforms such as Vodacom, Vodafone,, RIM, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, BSkyB, Telenor, and Hutchinson Telecom. This program has collaborated with major music labels such as Universal Records, Sony Records Studio, EMI Records, and Warner Music Studio in order to provide users from over 27 countries with unlimited media streaming and downloading. The media content provided by Omnifone MusicStation is part of its pre-licensed services that are distributed to various mobile phone and handheld device manufacturers. Users will enter in a subscription period where they can play, download, and share unlimited amounts of video and music to others. Omnifone MusicStation will allow users to keep several of their audio and video files at the end of their subscription contract and may access the other media content upon renewing the subscription.

Omnifone MusicStation provides a variety of APIs or Application Programming Interface. The user interface depends on the device or platform that the program is running. Several of these APIs include community management, reporting services, playlist management and storage, recommended services, catalogue services, events & audit trail, search services, user services, DRM services, and metering services.