MusicSphere is an audio plugin developed by Pioneer. This program allows users to create customized mood-based playlist on devices such as the iTouch and iPhone. Moods such as bright, calm, energetic, and gloomy are some of the mood options available. These moods then involve various aspects of the music files, which include tempo and signal strength. MusicSphere has the following notable features:

• Analysis of Music Files – the characteristics of the files in the local iTunes library are subjected to analysis and then categorized into moods.
• Playlist Creation – playlists based on the data or characteristics such as beats per minute or BPM of iTunes content will be created.
• NonStopMix Creation – a mix file comprising the user’s selected songs may be created. The file connects multiple songs with user-preferred effects.
• Display of Similar Tracks – tracks similar to the song currently playing are identified and presented to the user.

Music analysis starts soon after the program launches. Clicking on Refresh after files are analyzed will create new playlists. After the creation of playlists, MusicSphere can then be accessed with its trademark 3D touchscreen interface, which shows facets such as song mood. A toggle button can be used to turn each playlist into a continuous NonStopMix.