musicshake 2.0

Musicshake (Freeware)

Developed and released by a team of the same name, Musicshake entered the market in 2011. This is a sound management program that can be downloaded to any computer or mobile device. Aside from these venues, the application can also be accessed via the Internet.

This program was developed to allow its users to create customized music mixes. This is an application that can be used by novices with ease due to the simple installation process and basic interface. This aids music aficionados of whatever level of computer expertise in creating music and playlists. There are different tools for mixing or spinning music files that are provided to Musicshake patrons. Tools that will allow them to add different tunes or sound bites are also available. The combined tracks can easily be stored or saved as MP3 files.

These files can easily be downloaded and enjoyed on various mobile devices. Although the program can be downloaded for free, each MP3 download (of the mixed music) comes with a fee. For this, users have to rely on virtual currency called Shake Cash. Shake Cash is the program's own currency and can only be applied to this particular application. Shake Cash can be bought as credits. These credits can be purchased online with a credit card or through online payment avenues.