Musicnotes Player

Musicnotes, Inc. (Freeware)

Musicnotes Player is a program used for viewing, purchasing, interacting, downloading, and printing Musicnotes sheets. It is used for hearing any chord or note in the digital music sheet. All the notations in the music sheet are wired for the sound allowing users to hear the note and/or chords. Listening to a particular chord or note in the sheet is possible. The program is also capable of playing any musical symbol enabling users to learn how to play it.

Musicnotes Player comes with the Sheet Music Manager. This manager is used for downloading, organizing, and selecting the files from the sheet music collection. Sheet music can be downloaded and uploaded via the Sync My Music tab found on the Sheet Music Manager. The program allows users to view and listen to certain parts of music. The program can also be used for adjusting the speed of the music. It can also be used along with MIDI for playing music on various instruments. When using a MIDI, lyrics and notations are synchronized with the instrument. The application can also be used for tuning the guitar. It has the Guitar Tuner feature, which is accessible via the Guitar Tablature clef, or from the program’s Help Menu. The program also comes with a Musicteacher feature. This is a built-in system designed to teach users about music while playing and listening to the sheet music files.