Musicmatch, Inc. (Freeware)

MusicMatch Jukebox is a downloadable free program designed to edit and play audio files and manage an audio library. Similar to a typical jukebox program, this remake of Musicmatch Jukebox (the original) also has Internet radio, ripping features, an online music store, and CD playback. MusicMatch Jukebox is essentially an all-in-one program for music lovers who require organization and practicality in their digital audio libraries.

One of the new functionalities of the program has something to do with online radio listing. Another exciting development concerning MusicMatch Jukebox is related to its recording capabilities. It is capable of recording MP3 tracks from cassette and vinyl as well as from a microphone connected to the computer.

MusicMatch Jukebox is a versatile program that has a number of useful features:

• Intuitive and easy to use interface
• Fast conversion of audio tracks into MP3 format
• Extraction of files from the CD-ROM to the computer
• High sound quality playback of various audio file types

This utility is popular with many music lovers because it has the capability to play audio tracks in various formats such as WMA, WAV, MP3 and MP3 Pro. This program also has a very manageable playlist-- one of its stand-out features that many users appreciate.

MusicMatch JukeBox is an audio player that is an integral part of the evolution of digital music in the past two decades.