Musicload Manager

Telekom AG, T-Com (Freeware)

Musicload Manager is a system utility application, which functions with a multimedia download website called Musicload. The main purpose of the network’s file manager application is to regulate and organize customer downloads, make the downloading process foolproof, and monitor download speeds per client. Launched in October 2003, this website works similarly like Apple’s iTunes but caters to a German clientele.

People new to the Musicload website are required to register before they can purchase any of the music, video, or text files that are up for sale. They can choose to sample the media before adding it to their cart for purchase. Considering that millions of people use the website and download different types of files off of it on a regular basis, the website owners need to monitor the downloads to see which items are selling and which are not. The same executable file also helps the website when it comes to monitoring download speeds.

The same application is also used when it comes to the generation of suggestion charts for clients depending on the products that they have previously sampled or purchased. The application works together with different internal programs on Musicload and serves as one of the base components ensuring that all monitoring elements run smoothly.