Notation (Shareware)

Musician is a powerful tool from Notation that allows users to download MIDI files from the Web. In addition to allowing users to have access to an unlimited number of music files for downloading, this application is also able to effectively convert the downloaded files to sheet music.

There is another basic functionality that makes Musician a good companion to people who are intent in learning music: it also provides visual feedback to assist someone in learning a song. The program provides the user a visual guide of the music file that is being played. The notes flash on the screen, making it easier for beginners to learn how to play along with any song. The other features of this program are the following:

• Allows the user to add lyrics to songs
• Playing of musical instruments in a musical score
• Provides accompaniment during practice sessions
• Allows the user to set up practice sessions with loops and tempo control

The multifaceted aspect of this program has more to offer users. The Part Wizard feature of Musician allows the user to create specialized functions such as the following: chord charts, piano reductions, and fake sheets. This utility is available to home musicians, bands, and performing musicians as well.