MusicFrost 3.6.6

AudioEngines Inc. (Freeware)

MusicFrost is a program for downloading audio files to the computer. Users can search for specific songs or browse through the available selections straight from the application’s interface. The application’s main user interface is divided into two sections. The upper portion displays all the files in the music library, while the lower portion displays the files that are currently being downloaded and files that are on the download queue. The controls for the music player are on the topmost portion of the window.

Users can also filter the music library to display only the songs from a particular artist or album. To do this, users can type in the name of an artist on the search field and click on the magnifying glass icon. The program also has a “Repeat” and “Shuffle” button that can be used when an entire playlist is playing.

Other features of the MusicFrost application are the following:

• Millions of available tunes from different parts of the globe to download at no cost
• Support for listening to music online
• Simple and easy to use interface even for novice computer users
• Users can manage their entire music library by adding song information
• Does not clog up system resources