MusicBee 3.0.5995

Steven Mayall (Freeware)

MusicBee is an all-in-one media library and digital music player program. It was originally released on December 4, 2008 by Steven Mayall. Its main function is to play audio files and manage music library. Aside from the basic music player features, the program also utilizes custom Auto DJ rules, which enables the program to populate the Now Playing queue automatically. It is also possible to create and manage playlists. The available playlist options and rules in the program allow it to create radio-style playlists as well as auto-playlist.

MusicBee provides different ways to manage music libraries. It can organize library file structure and file names automatically. The program also temporarily stores new audio files in the library’s Inbox until they are tagged. There’s also a Tag Inspector and Tag Editor in the application. These tools are used for editing and viewing all tags. Music library can also be filtered to display various library sections based on custom criteria. The application also has an advanced search function, which can locate tracks easily.

Aside from the playing and managing music, MusicBee can also be used for converting files and ripping CDs. The application can synchronize music to supported devices and import libraries from Windows Media Player and iTunes. Like most music player, the program can be customized as well. There are downloadable plug-in and skins to configure the program’s appearance. Customizing the application’s layout with different views and separate panels is possible as well. Users can play music in the Main Player, Mini Player or Compact Player mode.

Other main features of MusicBee include the following:

• Smart Cross-fade between tracks.
• Gapless Playback.
• Sound fine-tuning using DSP effects and 10-band Equalizer
• Synchronized lyrics support
• Automatic lock up and display of lyrics, and more…