Music2pc 2.13

MP3 Download (Freeware)

Music2pc is a free program which allows users to download their favorite songs from the Internet. It has a wide collection of around 100 million tracks across different genres, from religious, pop, dance, electronic, classical, and others. It also allows searching and downloading of live, piano, guitar or cover versions of favorite songs. The program makes use of a non-bit torrent sharing method that makes sure that all the files are free from viruses and other threats that may harm the computer. The application has an easy installation process.

Music2pc has an intuitive interface which makes it very simple for users to look for and download songs. It allows search using the artist’s name, song title, album, or edition. It also gives users the status and duration of the download. The program allows multi-thread downloading wherein users can download multiple songs simultaneously. If connection is interrupted at any point during the download, it will automatically resume download once the Internet connection is restored. A default folder can be set where all downloads will be saved, by using the browse button or by inputting the destination folder on the space provided. The application is compatible with most portable devices like iPad, iPhone, PSP, mobile phones, and others.