Music Sync

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Music Sync was a value-added service offered by Sony to its subscribers. The subscription provided to users allows them to play music on all of their devices, so long as these devices have the Music Sync application installed. Similar to how files stored in “the cloud” works, the application synchronizes all audio-related media on devices that are registered with the Sync service. For instance, a song stored in a user’s mobile phone can be played on his or her desktop computer, so long as these machines are connected to the internet.

Music Sync also works as basic file management software that monitors and checks your computer for audio files that you may want to add to the Music Sync folder. Thus, base features like file import and scanning as well as song labeling are offered by the program. At the same time, tracks are cross-checked against a database of millions of songs in Sony’s Gracenote listing, which then supplies your tracks with accurate song information.

Currently, Music Sync has been discontinued by Sony. In its place is Music Unlimited, a service provided by Sony that mimics the capabilities offered by Music Sync. Users who still have the defunct program installed in their computers may still use it as intended, although activation is not necessary any longer.