Music Manager

Google Inc. (Freeware)

Google Music Manager is a desktop program complimented by Google Music that enables a user to have access and listen to music anywhere there is Internet access.  It works when a user previously has uploaded music content to the Google Music cloud and later downloads it to a computer.   Uploaded music to Google Music may come from several sources such as My Music folder, the Windows Media Player library, the iTunes library or other user specific folders.

Google’s support page equips the user with directions on how to go about the program. Available bandwidth for song uploading may be adjusted.  The user also has the option to upload songs either manually or automatically, while simultaneously being able to view song progress as it uploads.  Any song that has been purchased from the Google Music store or that come from one’s uploaded music library may be downloaded.   With this program, one can not only stream music from the cloud, but also has the option to transfer them to numerous user devices  The program is also available as a mobile app and users are allowed to freely stream and store up to 20,000 songs in the Google cloud. Lastly, the program also presents a list of songs that failed to upload, as well as reasons for failure without necessary suggesting solutions for such scenarios.