Music Creator

Cakewalk, Inc. (Proprietary)

Music Creator is a program used for remixing audio files and making original music. The program is simple and easy to use. Users do not need professional experience with mixing and creating music in order to use this application. It comes with several tools, such a mixer, an editor, and a library of loops, effects, and instruments that can be used for creating music. The program also supports touchscreen ultrabooks and laptops, but it can be used with standard screens as well. Other features of the program are as follows:

• Has a backing band that features 6 different virtual instruments for mixing audio
• Has an amplifier simulator that users can utilize together with a guitar plugged in to the computer
• Support for MIDI audio files
• Simple and easy to use user interface
• Supports the drag and drop feature for editing audio tracks and original music

Music Creator’s user interface is divided into different sections. The upper portion of the main window consists of tools and command buttons. The editor fills up most of the main window. Users can add several audio tracks to the editor. Each track has its own set of configurations. The application also makes use of professional-looking consoles that is easy to configure, which makes the program easy to use for both novice and advanced users.