Music Ace Player

Harmonic Vision (Proprietary)

Music Ace Player is a component of the Music Ace Deluxe program, an educational tool developed for those who would like to learn the basics of music. There are 36 music lessons in total, covering different topics including pitch, music theory, rhythm, note reading, and the keyboard layout. The lessons are accompanied by games to help learners absorb the lessons more fully in a fun way. This application serves as a complementary tool to traditional music instruction; the lessons are arranged in chapters and users may go from one chapter to the next depending on their skills. Some of the lessons included in the program are minor scales, time signatures, rests, the treble staff, the bass staff, and sharps and flats. A character named Maestro max serves as the teacher and guide in the lessons.

The Music Ace Player is used to play the notes, chords, and harmonies taught in the music lessons. It also plays back the compositions made in the application’s Music Doodle Pad, a composition tool. The built-in player enables learners to listen to their creations, hear the different kinds of notes, chords, and scales, and hear the differences among keys. The application’s composition tool, player, and games can easily be navigated using the mouse. Users can choose between novice and advanced levels when playing games.