Mushroom Age 1

NevoSoft (Shareware)

Mushroom Age is a puzzle video game where players assume the role of Vera, a lady who must find her fiancé Tom before their wedding day. Vera looks for Tom in a laboratory where he works. While searching for her husband-to-be, she accidentally opens a time machine and is taken to different times in history.

The game offers a hidden object game aspect where players must locate several objects that are located in different scenes in order to move on to the next location. There are also other mini games, such as spot the difference, and a point and click game where users have to collect items from different locations and use them to move on in the storyline. When players are stuck looking for an item, the hint button can be used. However, players must use hints sparingly, as they take some time to refill.

Here are the other features of the Mushroom Age game:

• Players get to meet characters from history, such as Nostradamus, a dinosaur, a caveman, and Socrates
• Variety of interesting puzzles of different genres to solve
• Gripping storyline with humorous gameplay
• Visit different scenarios in history to save the future
• Character dialogues are accompanied by voice overs