MuseScore 1.2

Werner Schweer (Open Source)

MuseScore is a musical notation application that supports several file formats. The main purpose of the application is to create, edit, and print musical scores in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. Musical notations can be played using the program with the built-in sequencer. In addition, users can add effects while playing a musical piece. The program has its own format, but it also supports MusicXML, MIDI, cap3, and overture.

The program includes some templates for common scores, such as chamber orchestra, piano, concert band, jazz, and many more. By using these templates, users can create their own music. The templates can be used as a guide, but users can also create their own sheet music from scratch with the tools and instruments available in the program. MuseScore comes with a wizard that guides users to set key and time signatures, and measures. Notes can be added to the program using the keyboard. Users can also connect a MIDI keyboard to the computer and use it for inputting notes.

Other features of the application include:
• Unlimited score length
• Mixer for instrument levels and effects
• Import of graphics
• Chord symbols
• Early music notation

The MuseScore Connect feature included in the application enables users to share their music creations at the MuseScore website.