Musemage 1.9.5

Paraken Technology Co., Ltd. (Shareware)

Musemage is a photo editing application that consists of several tools for basic and advanced photo editing. The program supports a number of image file formats including RAW, JPG, ICO, BMP, TIFF, and many others. Some of the basic tools included in the application are symbols, vector outlines, numbers, and letters. Other features of the Musemage program are as follows:

• Lens Correction – The program has a lens correction tool that enables users to easily change the perspective settings of an image using sliders. The parameters for perspective are the angle, scale, and vertical and horizontal perspective.
• Color Effects – The application’s color effects tools come with several features that allow users to have complete control over the color of images. It has a channel mixer, automatic white balance tool, automatic contrast, posterization, and many others.
• Distortion Tools – Musemage also comes with some distortion tools that allow users to come up with unique images. Some distortion tools included in the application are rectangular to polar, polar to rectangular, pinch, glass, wave, and ripple.
• Automatic Adjustment – For novice users, the program offers automatic adjustment tools in the form of filters. Examples of filters included in the application are Gaussian blur, blur, sharpen, and radial blur.
• Beautifying Tools – Musemage also comes with beautifying tools, such as soft skin and face-lift. These tools are useful for improving portraits.