KranX Productions (Proprietary)

Musaic, or Musaic Box, is a hidden object puzzle game with a musical element. In this game, players have to restore a melody by completing a puzzle. First, players are tasked to find the hidden sheet music in the house of a departed grandfather. The compositions are to be played on the musaic box the grandfather left behind for the player. Once found, the players will see that the sheet music appears to be broken down into puzzle blocks. Each puzzle piece contains a short instrumental melody. Players must listen to the melody in order to determine which puzzle pieces fit together not only physically but melodically as well.

Each puzzle block group may contain up to four instruments. By placing the blocks properly on the game board, players will be able to form the whole tune. Players can click on a puzzle block group to move it to the game board and also listen to the melody it has. Musaic Box offers players a basic version of the song as a guide (a lead melody), and each block contains symbols that correspond to the song’s bars and instruments. When the puzzle blocks are properly in place, the game will play the completed arrangement.

Musaic Box has 27 popular melodies that players can easily recognize. There are five rooms players can explore to find the hidden sheet music.