PopCap (Shareware)

MummyMaze is a puzzle game developed by Astraware and published by PopCap. The game’s back-story involves the Egyptian priests who hid the Anubis scepter, as well as other riches inside the Pyramids. However, secret treasures are not the only things hidden beneath the pyramids. Cursed mummies are also staying there and they do not like to be disturbed.

In this game, the player controls an explorer through the different mazes inside the pyramid. The player’s goal is to find the maze’s exit while escaping from the angry mummies. The mummies are faster than the player, which requires the player to be strategic. Aside from running from the mummies, the player can also use the doors and walls on the maze to trap the mummies and prevent them from coming after the player.

The game features three play levels with each level having 15 chambers. As the player goes through each chamber and level, the level of difficulty also increases. There are more than 1250 mazes to solve. It also features an undo function, reset mazes, and even a hint that displays the complete solution for each maze. The game also features a rank system from Tomb Beetle to Ultimate Explorer. Players can increase their rank based on their performance and score obtained.