Mumble 1.2.16

Thorvald Natvig (Freeware)

Mumble is a voice-chat software used for group communication. It delivers excellent voice quality, and has little latency, which means that efficient waiting and response time are provided for the parties involved. Even though it may be utilized for any type of voice interaction, it is commonly by online gamers since it also has an in-game overlay.

Mumble allows users to use either headphones or speakers.  Communication With its echo cancellation, and noise reduction features clear and fast communication is delivered.  This application comes with its own server dubbed as “murmur” that gives full extensibility and secure communication to users. Its client-server mechanism allows users to communicate with each other using one server. Virtually larger channels can be created when users connect several channels together.  This is especially useful when group communication can be heard by another group through links done in the common channel.  Access control lists in channels also make this software support group based, first person shooter games. The in-game overlay allows users to upload avatars of themselves, and also displays the specific channels the users are linked to. Mumble also has the mechanism to control audio to give a sense of distance and direction in online gaming. It adjusts audio output to relays a player’s relative position in the game.