Multiwinia 1.3.0

Introversion Software (Shareware)

Multiwinia is a real-time strategy game that is included as a part of Darwinia+ but may also be installed as a standalone application. The story goes that before the Multiwinians existed, a computer scientist names Dr. Sepulveda created a digital world, which became populated by peaceful life-forms called Darwinians. Unfortunately, a virus came and destroyed the peace, making Darwinians fight over the limited resources and breaking up into factions. They became the Multiwinians. In the game, players are tasked to command troops of 2D Multiwinians to complete goals and defeat rival forces.

The game features 6 game modes:
• Domination – each one of the teams fight over the control of the entire map. Teams fight to gain spawn points to gain a dominant position. The team at the top or the one with the most points at the end of a set time wins the round.
• Capture the Statue – players must command their troops to lift and carry giant stone statues back to the base.
• King of the Hill – two armies go face-to-face and attempt to occupy key tactical zones to win.
• Assault – one team must defend a weapon of mass destruction while another must seek to destroy it. The roles will switch; the team that launched the attack first will win the round.
• Blitzkrieg – each army will try to capture the other team’s flag while protecting their own.
• Rocket Riot – teams must refuel, occupy, and launch the rocket successfully in the shortest time possible.

Multiwinia has support for up to four human or computer players.