MultiWeb Search 2.2

Sharp Soft (Freeware)

MultiWeb Search is a toolbar added to the web browser window. It comes with different features that can add to the web browser’s functionality. Upon installation, the toolbar is displayed at the upper portion of the main window, just underneath the address bar. Some of the components included in the toolbar are the following:

• Online Radio Player – The toolbar comes with an online radio player that enables users to listen to hundreds of different podcasts and radio stations online.
• Weather Forecaster – This tool displays current weather conditions for different locations around the world. Users can set the toolbar to display the local weather.
• Popup Blocker – The popup blocker is a security tool that prevents advertisements from popping up on the desktop window while the user browses. This also prevents threats from entering the computer.
• Email Notifier – The email notifier is capable of alerting the user whenever there are new emails in the inbox. Settings for the email can be changed as well.

Aside from these components, users can also add other tools to the web browser window that can be useful while browsing online. Other tools that are available with the toolbar include a highlighter, a dictionary, images, and a search function.