Vector (Freeware)

MultiPar is an application developed by Yutaka Sawada that is used to secure data by creating recovery files. In the event of a system crash, the recovery files may be used to retrieve system information and set up the computer in the way it was before the system breakdown. Creating recovery files is an essential task to make sure that data is recovered in instances when files are corrupted or lost, and it is done even when a system crash is not imminent. Lost or corrupted files usually result from hardware, download, software, and copy errors; files may also be damaged because of virus infection.

MultiPar is an ideal application to use on all file types, even those that have already been compressed into RAR and ZIP files. This application makes use of a parity archive volume set. PAR files are used to reconstruct the missing parts of archives that are made up of multiple parts. As a parity archiving tool, this application is efficient in protecting data, especially those that only exist as digital copies, such as system data. Aside from creating recovery files, this tool can also verify files, detect errors, and correct files. The recovery files are burned to one or more CDs or DVDs.