MultiMon Application 2.5


MultiMon is a multifunctional application used in monitoring the Windows operating system. It displays detailed information on numerous system activities in real-time. It is beneficial for support engineers, developers, and system administrators, among others.

File monitoring comes in three kinds. Monitoring of file systems allows for monitoring of file activities from the computer’s file system perspective. On the other hand, monitoring of file API allows for monitoring of file activities from an application’s perspective. Lastly, object monitoring allows viewing of file objects activities from the Windows’ object manager’s perspective. Loading of binary images, and thread and process creations are shown via the program’s system monitor. Registry activity is displayed in real-time by the program’s registry monitor. Keyboard and clipboard activities can also be monitored. Keyboard keys used by users are logged by the keyboard monitor. Communications between device drivers and applications are captured in the application’s device monitor. Output views can also be organized into columns. Output may be exported into text files. All activities can be displayed in a single view through the program’s merged view function. Detailed information regarding activities include process ID, process name, CPU ID, thread ID, time stamp, window title, and object handle. Other program monitors include clipboard, user,  and kernel object monitors. Some program features are only available in Windows’ x86 edition.