MultiGo 4.4.4

Rui Jiang (Freeware)

MultiGo is an application that is primarily designed for viewing and editing of SGF or Smart-go format games. As soon as the user finds a bit of SGF while browsing online, the SGF content has to be copied and then pasted into this utility via the Windows clipboard. There is no need for the additional step of using a text editor so that it gets saved as an SGF file. With this program, users can add comments and markers or remove them. They can also edit branches that they have created themselves. This application also makes it possible for the user to navigate easily throughout the game.

This program offers support to the following properties of SGF: set-up properties, move properties, game information properties, root properties, as well as multiple figures printing and video recording. MultiGo is a program that is designed to perform batch processing and it also offers users with multiple language support.

MultiGo by Rui Jiang is a freeware that also supports file format such as UGF, GIB, BDX, GOS, and NGF. This utility is also capable of recording and playing go video as well as GNU video. Users of this application can present their questions and clarifications to other users through a discussion group which they can join if they wish.