MultiCore Environment Advanced

Flight Simulator Platform Solutions (Proprietary)

Multicore Environment Advanced is a system utility developed by Flight Simulator Platform Simulations. The program enables users to run multiple programs without sacrificing system performance. This program is useful for users with multi-core systems. Most of the time, when programs are run simultaneously, all the programs only utilize the primary core, leaving the other cores idle or inactive. This renders the multicore setup useless. Thus, this program enables users to configure which cores specific programs should run in. This lessens the load of the primary core, while evenly distributing the load to all the available cores. This also makes the multicore system setup more efficient and cost-effective.

Multicore Environment Advanced functions as an extra booster for specific applications running on the system. The program can boost the processing power allocated to a specific program up to 20%. Users may configure task priority by setting up profiles for specific programs. Each profile contains the designation as to the priority, as well as the specific core chosen to run it. Users may set up as many profiles as there are programs. The program also offers support for systems with up to 12 cores. It also comes with group execution support or batch processing support.  The program features graphics update and manual update support. When minimized, the program rests in the system tray.