Multi-Timer Ultimate 3.6

Johannes Wallroth (Shareware)

Multi-Timer Ultimate is a multi-purpose desktop tool that can be used as a stopwatch, an alarm clock, or a countdown timer. This is useful for scheduling and for setting a certain amount of time for specific computer activities. Users are free to use an unlimited number of timers simultaneously, and they all appear in a neat layout on the interface. The program also supports the drag and drop feature, allowing users to rearrange the timers however they wish.

Under the Settings window, users can change the appearance of the timer, such as the panel’s background, the colors of the display, text, and digits, and the titles for each timer. The alert tone for the alarm clock can be changed as well. The program is simple and easy to use even for novice computer users. More features of the application are listed below:

• Cloning – The cloning feature of the application allows users to create multiple instances of the same type of clock. This is useful for timing repetitive tasks and eliminates the need to set the clocks every time the activity is done.
• Chain Mode – The chain mode feature eliminates the need for user interaction when a chain of activities is timed. After one timer counts down to zero, the next timer automatically starts.
• Printing – The program has printing support and timers can be exported as .xlsx or .xls format.