Multi Clock

Fried Cookie (Freeware)

Multi Clock is an alarm clock that users can add on their computer. The program displays a digital clock on the user’s desktop. It can also be displayed in mini mode when the user is doing other computer activities. The application allows users to choose their own alarm tone. Users can set an alarm by clicking on the “SET ALARM” tab, which is located at the right part of the digital clock. Arrow buttons are used for setting the time. Users can then use the program’s default alarm tone, or use their own choice of alarm tone or music. The program supports the mp3 audio format.

Aside from an alarm clock, the program also has a timer feature. Setting the timer is also the same as setting an alarm. Furthermore, the program can be used to automatically shut down the computer at a specified time. This can be done from the “SET TIMER” menu. Users can select a time for shutting down the system and turn the “AUTO SHUTDOWN PC” on by clicking on the button underneath. Multi Clock also has a day and night mode, which can be triggered by flicking the switch between the sun and moon symbols at the bottom of the digital clock.