Ianaré Sévi (Open Source)

Métamorphose2 is an application that assists users in the batch renaming of files and folders. It is easy to use and does not require skills in coding. It shows users all of the necessary controls, eliminating the need for recalling the appropriate commands and formats while still being able to do complex operations. With this application, users can rename multiple folders and files simultaneously. Files can also be organized by the addition of counting sequences, such as alphabetical Roman numerals, and numerical. This is useful when there is a certain order that needs to be followed in files, such as chapters.

Its other features are the following:

• Renaming of filenames and/or their extensions – this covers the prefix and suffix of filenames. Users can also modify the placement of characters, insert characters, and modify filename length. Users can also choose to modify the filenames, whether these are written in lowercase, uppercase, or if only the first letter is capitalized.
• Open source – advanced users can customize the application according to their needs, especially if they would like to add more functionality to the program, such as add-on modules.
• File search and selection – this application loads the files in the selected directories and subdirectories so that users can easily identify which files and folders are to be renamed. Users can also use the search feature to locate files.