MTA San Andreas 1.3.1

Multi Theft Auto (Freeware)

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is a mod for the multiplayer mode of the racing game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This modification is done without making any changes to the original files that come with the game. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is installed as a component of the original game. It just adds functionality and reveals the game engine with a scripting language. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas was built with an open source game engine that has been developed for years. The game engine provides users all the tools needed for creating different modifications and maps that can be used with the Grand Theft Auto game series.

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas allows Grand Theft Auto players to play against others through online gaming. The modification also includes maps that can be played in the game. Another feature is the Race Mode, where players can race against each other. Note that the modification is for vehicle-only gameplay. This means that characters are not allowed to exit their vehicles with the mod.

The installed Grand Theft Auto: San Andres must be unpatched in order for this modification to work. The modification is constantly being developed by GTA players around the world.